About 500,000 people visit LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE annually. Visitors include people who seek their own ways of lifestyles, and professionals in housing and interior businesses.

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CLUB OZONE is a membership of LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE to provide extensive support. There is a free membership for general users, and a paid membership for professionals who work for housing, construction, and interior businesses.

For General Users


This membership is for general users who desire a life in more comfortable house. The membership benefits include provision of helpful information and access to members-only facilities and services.

Enrollment fee: free
Annual fee: free
Number of members:about 20,000

*In Japanese language only.

For Professional Users


This membership is for architects, designers, and people working for housing-related businesses. The membership benefits include bimonthly member magazines, and supports for expanding your business opportunities and activities via information transmission.

Enrollment fee: 3,000yen
Annual fee: 3,500yen *tax included
Number of members:about 2300
Professional YOUTH

This membership is for young creators and people under age 26 who are studying architecture and design. The membership benefits, such as discounts for seminars, help to improve skills.

Enrollment fee: free
Annual fee: 1,500yen *tax included
Number of members:about 65
Professional YOUTH

This membership is for incorporated companies that are in living-space-related businesses. Members may choose from two courses: basic membership and premium membership with better access to facilities.

Enrollment fee: 5,000yen
Annual fee: (basic)10,000yen (premium) 50,000yen
*tax included
Number of members:about 400

*In Japanese language only.
*Regular delivery of the member magazine (membership benefit) is in Japan only.